ITA, Florence

Clap! Clap!

Playing with the World Music

9 Dec
Spazio Dora Main Stage 4:00 - Live Set
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Cristiano Crisci, commonly known by stage name Clap! Clap!, is an Italian producer and DJ. He is a long time jazz musician and previously worked under the alias Digi G’Alessio.

Crisci’s first release on Origami Sound in 2013 entitled Gwidingwi Dema marked his arrival onto the electronic music scene as Clap! Clap! Since then he has had numerous critically acclaimed releases on Bristol-based label Black Acre. His inaugural Album Tayi Bebba, supported by Gilles Peterson, was hailed as one of Okay Africa’s ‘Best Albums of 2014’, and was on’s ‘End of Year Roundup 2014’. The track “Viarejo” was featured on the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto V.

Crisci’s musical style is eclectic and draws from many influences. His productions feature his own field recordings mixed with West African percussions and Latin soca influences, but also draw on contemporary electronic music movements, with his use of staccato found in Chicago ‘Footwork’, and Italian folk rhythms and melodies.

Clap! Clap! provided additional production on 3 of the tracks in Paul Simon‘s album Stranger to Stranger. “The Werewolf”, “Street Angel” and “Wristband” include ‘Beats by Clap! Clap!’ and use African sounds with a modern electronic dance twist, providing both fans of Paul Simon and Clap! Clap! with an entirely new listening experience. In an interview with NPR’S All Songs Considered, Simon called Clap! Clap!’s album Tayi Bebba a masterpiece.