ITA, Rome

Dj Khalab

Between roots and future

9 Dec
Spazio Dora Main Stage 3:00 - Dj Set
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Consider the latest and newest African rhythms, a single hypnotic flux that puts together tradition and urban modernity. Insert this into ultramodern rhythmical patterns, spawns of the most curious universal club culture.

The result can barely get close to the sound of DJ Khalab, the mysterious heart and soul of Afrodisia nights, a team that allowed Rome to be one of the first European capitals to organize parties with Kuduro, AfroTech, Township Funk and Afro-Dancehall sounds. DJ Khalab’s beats follow an imaginary path that starts in Africa and goes towards the future, an ongoing round trip journey between tribes and psyche, desert and spaceships, jungle and skyscrapers.

He recently entered the Black Acre Records roster, a London based label. And for them, Khalab has already released the singles Walkiana and Elon Mentana. In the meantime, Khalab keeps interacting with artists connected with tradition: from Baba Sissoko – with whom he has almost finished producing an album and a striking audiovisual show – to Kenny Wollesen, a drum player from NYC, universally known for collaborating with artists such as Tom Waits and John Zorn.