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From Jazz:Re:Found to Jazz:Re:Found Garden

Jazz:Re:Found Garden is a platform of excellences that starts from the values and heritage of Jazz:Re:Found Festival, shares its quality, and enhances its extraordinary history and reputation, drawing on the coherence, integrity, and boldness of a niche project that has become popular. This completes the Jazz:Re:Found presence across the entire music industry: in addition to the boutique festivals (now there are four: Jazz:Re:Found, Transatlantica, Archipelago, and Paraíso), the platform includes a season of live events and DJ sets between Turin and Milan, a communication, consulting, and booking agency, a hub of record labels, an editorial container (Garden of J), and an innovative format concerning artistic residencies. More than a festival, today Jazz:Re:Found is effectively a brand. A name, a voice, a slogan, a distinctive and identifying sign that inspires and influences a community with great values and aspirations.

JZ:RF Series

In addition to boutique festival events, since 2018 Jazz:Re:Found has been curating a season of concerts throughout the calendar year, particularly involving the cities of Milan and Turin, but also hosting high-profile events in Venice, Genoa, and Biella. A programming of research and quality that makes Jazz:Re:Found one of the most accredited players in the musical positioning of Northern Italy. With the PLACE TO BE format, JZ:RF has also been able to design an original alternative to ensure the programming of live performances even during the COVID pandemic.

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JZ:RF Residencies

Since 2018, thanks to the collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Jazz:Re:Found has initiated a path of formative residencies dedicated to the enhancement of young talents, building genuine Team Building experiences among musicians from various backgrounds. The highly appreciated development model of these artistic workshops, immersed in unique and inspirational environments such as the Pistoletto Foundation and the widespread hotel of Cave di Moleto, has made creative residencies a new asset of Jazz:Re:Found. The format created by Jazz:Re:Found has enabled the realization of four projects of the highest level in the last three seasons, residencies lasting 8 days each, attended by between 7 and 12 candidates, whose outputs have become record products, audiovisual installations, and live performances.

JZ:RF Selectors

JZ:RF Selectors is the format of Jazz:Re:Found that features eclectic DJs and superior diggers, cultural agitators of the north-west Italian scene, all in the name of quality sound. Among the key figures are Denis Longhi "Noego", Ma Nu!, Andrea Passenger, Cristian Bevilacqua, Angie BacktoMono, and Vittorio Barabino.

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JZ:RF Garden Roster

From the developments of the Happy Few project, a creative agency that grew as an offshoot of the Jazz:Re:Found festival, emphasizing its values and artistic calling, comes JZ:RF Garden Booking. This roster promotes and enhances a well-defined artistic expression, bringing together DJs and musicians united by talent, passion, credibility, depth, and professionalism.

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