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01 Fund Raising

We have been operating in the fundraising sector for over 15 years, working with and for Third Sector organizations in the cultural field, as well as through corporate and private operations through an extensive network of relationships with national market brands and companies. We have gained extensive experience in creating flexible and adaptable consulting and support pathways tailored to the needs of the organizations we work with. With our structure, in addition to having deepened and perfected high skills in the design of national and international calls for proposals and grants, we have developed, thanks to JZ:RF Garden, a proprietary offering system targeted at leading reference brands that want to invest in the music industry.

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02 Branded Contents

We recognize the importance of creating branded content that captures the cultural and social specificities of different communities. From events to social insights, we produce content that meets people's needs and creates value in the form of entertainment. Our branded content projects are designed both for onsite placements and for various media and channels with the goal of generating maximum value for our partners and clients.

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03 Tailor made projects

Our tailor-made approach begins with a deep understanding of the client's style preferences, required functionalities, and budget. We leverage our expertise and potential placements within our projects, in addition to creating customized dedicated projects, tailored specifically to meet expectations and needs.

04 Curation and Strategy

The curation proposed by our team's experts involves paths often entailing research, interpretation, and communication of specific artistic projects, as well as managing relationships with artists and other industry professionals. Curatorial management focuses on the practical and commercial management of financial, organizational, and promotional aspects related to the artistic project. We are capable of both designing new formats and directing and curating already initiated projects where it is necessary to elevate or differentiate the quality of the proposal. The creative direction of our team boasts an excellent portfolio, which includes the curation and artistic direction of the following projects:

Artistic Direction:

Advisor and Artistic Consultancy: