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How to get to the festival

The shuttle service is available on the Milan - Vercelli - Cella Monte route. You can book your ride at the following link, choosing within the date range 31/08/23 - 04/09/23.

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There are two car parks near Cella Monte.

  • P1, which can be reached through these coordinates 45.07425994796314, 8.387955060220946, can only be accessed through online parking purchase and is designed for those who have purchased Full pass or Tiny passports. You can purchase your parking ticket, valid for four days, at this link.
  • P2, which can be reached through these coordinates 45.07060791324582, 8.387493720411713, is designed for those who have bought a daily ticket. It can be purchased on site during the festival days.

Please note, that for safety reasons, it is not possible to park along the main road leading to the village. The road will be manned and cars in parking bans will be removed.

If you come with your van, you can park in the P1 car park which can be reached via these coordinates 45.07425994796314, 8.387955060220946 and which can be purchased at this link.

The area is not equipped, while the closest camper camping area is in Sala Monferrato, 2 km from Cella Monte.

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LINE: Casale-Rosignano-Rosignano line-Cella Monte-Grazzano Badoglio-Moncalvo.
Casale Monferrato (AL)
Tel. 0142 452854

FFSS Station: 10 Km
Lines: Asti-Mortara, Chivasso-Casale Monferrato and Vercelli-Casale-Valenza
Vittorio Veneto Square, 5 - Casale Monferrato (AL)

P.zza V. Veneto (F.F.S.S. station) - Casale (AL)
Tel. 0142-45.44.44